Overcome your fear of flying


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Fear of flying bounds you to stay at a place and restricts you from traveling to satisfy your needs to explore the world. The fancy therapies to learn how to overcome your fear of flying cost an amount that you can easily use to finance a trip to Europe. Boarding a plane is your phobia, but some simple strategies can help you to overcome this fear and have a happy flying.

Find the roots of your anxiety:

To overcome fear, it is essential to understand the reasons behind it. If you realize your actual fear, you will know how to surpass it.

Get familiar:

To not be afraid of the plane, it needs to get a real airplane. Make your traveling goals with short hops. Give yourself the necessary time and space to feel more comfortable with the flying process. Of course, it takes time, but it definitely helps you.

Talk about it as much as possible:

It is better to share your fear with a member of the aircrew. Sharing your worries make you feel relax and confident. Flight attendants are uniquely trained to handle these kinds of situations; surely, you will get some psychological assistance from them too.

Stay busy during the flight:

A book, a movie, a game, or magazine anything that keeps you busy during the trip is helpful to overcome the fear and anxiety of flying.

Keep air vent open:

It is not possible to breathe fresh air inside an airplane, but keeping your vent always open to renew the sky above you might be so helpful.

Avoid alcohol and coffee:

Maybe you consider juice as a perfect relaxer, but massive consumption of alcohol can cause hyper-sensibility. Coffee can cause your nervousness and stress to a worse stage. Avoid any kind of caffeine during a trip. You can take valerian tea that will surely make you feel more relax.

In-flight meditation:

Mediation improves the situation and helps you to come out of stress. Keep your eyes closed and think of something beautiful and something you love and feel happy with. If you never did it before, then try some meditation music and let it do its magic. Listen to the soft and slow music and feel free.

Pick your seat wisely:

If you are traveling for the first time and are not familiar with the airplane, avoid window seats as it will make you feel limited. Having claustrophobia, choose the backside of aircraft to have a better scene of space around you. In case of being afraid of turbulence, go to the front of the plane as they won’t be noticeable from this place.

There is always some good reasons for a trip, focus on that reason, and don’t let your fear to ruin your happy moments.

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