You can Visit These 5 European Countries in One Day


Every continent and country is different in terms of area, culture, and magnificent sites. Europe is one of the most exciting and amazing continent with more than 50 countries. Every region has something special if you see from the eye of a traveler. Some countries are really big and perfect for holidays. But, there are some European countries that are small enough that you can explore in one day. Surprised? It is a great opportunity to visit these countries if you are a passionate traveler. Despite all the social restrictions, now you can fly to any country by following SOPs. Book your flight in advance for any region or country without denting your bank with the assistance of after utilizing Etihad coupon code. Want to know the smallest countries of Europe? Keep scrolling because we have listed some smallest countries of Europe that you can explore in one day.

Vatican City:

In terms of area, Vatican is a perfect region to visit in one day. A day is enough to explore each and every important thing of this country. It is a hub of Catholic Church and very famous culturally and historically. It holds some popular attractions that you can visit. Probably, it is one of the smallest regions of Europe and you can narrow down your bucket list if you are travelling to Vatican.


In terms of location, it is the 2nd smallest country of Europe and a wonderful place for holidays. It holds everything including beaches, water, city life, delicious cuisine, and much more. Plus, it is one of the budget-friendliest countries and you can manage your trip even if you are super tight on budget. It such a mesmerizing trip for travelers and explorers.


Every year, Luxembourg attracts millions of tourists due to its beautiful nature, architecture, and tourist spots. It is really a charming country due to its beautiful streets, castles, and food. You can explore this country in one day with your friends and family. Confirm your travelling tickets right now and take price cut on the total cost with the help of after inserting Etihad coupon code at the ticket counter.


Oh, just amazing. If you are a true nature lover and love adventurous outdoor activities, then this European country is the perfect spot. It offers trekking, skiing, and other similar opportunities and looks like a small town flooded with greenery and minimalist restaurants, shops, and hotels. It is an ideal country for day trippers and you can make memories in this small country. What more could you ask for?


There is no doubt that Malta is a gem of European region. It features oldest temples, museums, nightlife, restaurants, and everything in between. It also boasts wonderful beaches and various tourist attractions that can make your trip highly amazing. Visit right away to take maximum gain of Etihad coupon code and get incredible cut rate on travelling expenses.

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