Technology trends that will change the way we travel

Travel and Leisure

Traveling industry is grooming so rapidly and travelers are also been so demanding. They want it all and they want it now. Travelers expect security, speed, authenticity, seamlessness, and personalization all at the same time.

To meet up these high expectations and standards, technology is a must. Technology has already reshaped the ways of how we live, behave, and work. It continues to improve its brought changes into perfection. Shift to mobile and digital boarding pass is proof of how technology is revolutionizing the ways we search, select, review, and experience travel. Let’s discuss a few of the megatrends in technology and travel which could transform the travel industry.

  • Blockchain:

Blockchain is the latest technology that allows decentralized secure storage and sharing of information. It has the potential to minimize corruption and friction and to increase trust. Blockchain technology has benefits beyond finance and has the potential to apply across a variety of other fields.

It is why Mr. Tolga Akcay has used blockchain technology to Create Exvisa, innovative technology to digitize visas and passports. Exvisa is the technology that will provide a secure online visa and passport to perform immigration, emigration, and relocation tasks more appropriately and effectively. By using blockchain technology Tolga Akcay has ensured the cryptonization of any sensitive data and information to make it hacker-proof. This addition of cryptonize data into transparent blockchain stops any illegal immigration and improves the eligibility of immigration authorities to get access to the required information. With Exvisa it is also possible for countries and companies to get limited access to the information of a person to make targeted selections of candidates based on their skills and abilities.

  • Done For You (DFY):

With the increased automation technology, do it yourself (DIY) is reduces as compared to do for yourself (DFY). With the launch of artificial intelligence (AI), automation is not remained limited to physical tasks but humans are automating mental ones. From inventory to reservations and staffing to transitions, there is no end for AI. The implementation of AI will precipitate a shift to the roles involving human interactions, to create memorable and unique experiences for customers.

  • No filter experiences:

In this world with overflowing information, that is so difficult to trust, everyone wants unfiltered experiences that will inspire us. Paradoxically, augmented reality and virtual reality is the content that can widen the excess to the unique and exclusive experiences. These technologies offer their customers a test-experience before paying the premium price. In addition to its the creation of 3D 360 degree content, allows customers to experience to convince them the authenticity of service providers claim. Surely VR experience is not the substitute for traveling, but it will inspire people to discover the world or allow experiencing them the places no longer exist.


The travel and tourism industry has set high targets to achieve by 2036. It has become essential for this industry to enable technologies to support their targets.

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