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It’s always a problem for some; what do you do when it’s raining. This is regular occurrence in Britain, but I don’t need to be concerned because I live in Birmingham and my options are not limited. When you are someone who lives in  Birmingham Serviced Apartments its good to know that there is vibrant bunch of options for you to do. Let’s have a look at some of the best and you’ll want to come and live here too.

  1. Cadbury World. If there is anyone in the world who doesn’t like Chocolate even a little bit then I’ve never met them. I visit to Cadbury world is far more than just a bit of chocolate though (and you do get free ones when you start the tour!) Used Suzuki Alto Abergavenny and you learn all about how Chocolate came to the UK from Africa and South America to be produced by the philanthropist Cadbury in Birmingham in his model town Bourneville. There is also a look at the science behind producing that bar of Dairy Milk and other products. Once you’ve got that educational stuff behind you, you get to go on a 4D Adventure show where you plummet into a pot of melted chocolate, thunder along the Crunchie Rollercoaster like from the advert then fly off with the Caramel Bunny in a Crème Egg airship Used Cars. You can take some chocolates back to all your friends and neighbours in the Birmingham Serviced Apartments
  2. West Midland Safari Park. Do not let the rain put you off. The animals don’t get day off and they are always out and about whether they like it or not. You can see the wolves prowling through the woods and the tigers lazing under their wooden walk ways. You might see some of the elephants frolicking in the mud or the Rhino’s trying to cover themselves in the stuff. That doesn’t happen on a bone-dry day.
  3. Coventry Transport Museum. It’s only a little way down the road but the Transport Museum is a homage to the now defunct motoring making industry around the area. It has a working example of the factory floor and some brilliantly wonderful cars too including Thrust 2 which broke the land speed record.

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  1. The Pen Museum. Ok that doesn’t sound hugely exciting, but you’d be quite wrong. The Museum is about the large steel production industry that was occurring in the Victorian era. You can even make your own pen and have a go at the art of Calligraphy.
  2. Thinktank Science Museum. This a multilevel interactive site that has a huge amount of activities and experiments that is fun for adults and children.

See, there is loads to do. Get out and explore.



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